Fee Schedule


As of Monday the 3rd of September, all consultations will be Privately charged*. Please contact reception for further information. Please see the table below for a fee guideline. 

Patients with a valid Medicare card will be bulk billed for their pre-booked consultation Monday – Friday* with select doctors.

We accept both booked appointments and walk-in patients, please note patients who arrive without an appointment will be privately charged. We can not guarantee a wait time for patients who come as a walk-in.

*For children under 16 years of age, pension and health care card holders are eligible for a reduced gap fee.

For patients without Medicare, your consult will be billed on duration and complexity.

*Appointments with Dr Jonathan Phan, Dr Ryan Vo, Dr Sarah Weaver and Dr Zoe Boyatzis will incur a fee for all consultations.


Appointments on Weekends and Public Holidays are Privately Billed (Gap fee applicable after Medicare rebate). A reduced gap fee is charged for children’s, pension and concession card holders’ consultations.

The table below shows our current prices. An after hours consult is any appointment after 1pm on Saturdays, all day Sundays and all day Public Holidays.

Private Fee Schedule

A complete fee list can be provided on request.

*Medicare rebates are an estimate, please be aware this may vary.


Please note a Non-Attendance Fee of $20 is payable if a patient does not attend their doctors appointment or if the appointment is cancelled with less than one hours notice.

If a patient fails to give 48hours notice or does not attend an allied health appointment, a Non-Attendance Fee of 50% of the consult fee will need to be paid.


For all vaccination and procedural costs please ask one of our friendly receptionists. Your doctor will explain any additional costs to you  and obtain your consent prior to receiving treatment.

  • Any consultations requiring additional services may be charged a procedural equipment fee of between $10 – $100.
  • Travel vaccines will incur a private fee also for the purchase of the vaccine as they are not covered by Medicare but the consultation is Bulk Billed if performed on a weekday (private billing on weekends)


Pre-employment medical assessments and other medical assessments are also privately billed. The cost will depend on the length and complexity of the medical assessment. Reception are able to give a price guide but cost will be determined by the doctor at time of consult.


Private Billing applies to all Women’s Health Checks (Pap Smears). There will be an out of pocket gap fee of $24.

For contraceptive procedures involving Implanon or an IUD, there will be an out of pocket fee of $80-$100.