Private Billing


As of Monday the 3rd of September, Rozelle Medical Centre will transition from Mixed Billing to Private Billing for all consultations*. 

A Gap Fee will be incurred after your Medicare Rebate. Please see our fees page for more information by clicking here.

We are set up so we are able to claim your Medicare Rebate for you so you won’t have any extra paperwork.

Why are we charging for appointments?

The short is answer is, providing high quality health care costs money and the government rebate provided through Medicare falls a long way short of covering all the costs.

Current and previous governments have failed to regularly increase the Medicare rebates. This means Medicare rebates have never kept pace with the cost of living and have never covered the true cost of delivering quality medical care.

Just like you the cost of our utilities have risen (rent, electricity, insurance, cost of specialised equipment, human resources and computers and so on), and medical centres are just as effected by these rising costs as anybody else and especially so in a Medicare freeze environment.

For this reason, we have introduced fees for some consults to ensure you still receive quality health care from experienced and highly trained practitioners all within a well-resourced and pleasant practice environment.

*Whilst Rozelle Medical Centre will continue to Bulk Bill people who truly cannot afford their care (e.g. pensioners, health care card holders, children under 16 years) for their pre-booked weekday appointments, a small fee is now being introduced. But we are aiming to keep your overall “out of pocket” expense to a minimum.

Rozelle Medical Centre has chosen to continue to subsidise your healthcare by setting our fees lower than the current recommended fee schedule set by the Medical Association of Australia (AMA).