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Covid Vaccination Program All patients over 12 years old are now eligible for Pfizer vaccine. Including over 60’s

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In-line with our commitment to the health and wellbeing of our patients and local communities, Rozelle Medical Centre is participating in the Government Covid Vaccination Roll Out. 

ALL PATIENTS OVER 12 YEARS OF AGE All are now eligible for Pfizer covid vaccination including patients over 60.

– elderly adults aged 60 years and over

– Patients over 12 years

– younger adults with an underlying medical condition (including those with a disability), and

– 3rd dose for immunocompromised patients who have received 2nd dose. Book telephone appointment before booking dose 3.

You can check your eligibility by visiting

For all patients without a Medicare card. Please visit the Government site to book your free vaccine:

Meningococcal B Vaccines Available

‘4CMenB’ is a meningococcal group B vaccine.

This vaccine is given to individuals from 2 months of age and older to help protect against disease caused by bacteria called Neisseria Meningitidis group B.

The B-strain of meningococcal disease has caused the most cases of the infection in New South Wales this year but a vaccine for the illness still isn’t eligible under the Immunisation Schedule.

NSW Health has revealed 15 of the 21 cases to date this year were meningococcal B.

It comes after NSW Health issued a warning this week encouraging the public to be aware of symptoms.

Bookings can be made online via HotDocs:

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Congratulations on 1 million consultations

We celebrated our 1,000,000th consultation.
Thank you for your support and for being a part of this wonderful journey.
We look forward to further improving the health and well-being of all our patients and community with the next 1 million patient care consults!
Dr Ryan Vo & Dr Jonathan Phan

COPING WITH LOCKDOWN – Dr Natalie Shavit, Clinical Psychologist

You’ve probably heard it be said on so many occasions that these are ‘unprecedented’ times, and that we have to adjust to the ‘new normal’.

Whatever ‘normal’ means to you, there are some things that can help us manage life in lockdown, to limit the negative impact on our mental health.


Most importantly, having structure and routine gives us a sense of control. This means trying to go to bed at the same time each night, waking up at the same time, and engaging in the usual self-care you would ordinarily do like showering and getting ready for the day.

“To do” lists can also provide a sense of productivity and achievement when done, which in turn increases motivation.

2. Make sure you clock off

If working from home, have set times wherever possible to demarcate work and non-work time, trying to put work out of sight when you knock off.

3. Stay active

Exercising or being active regularly is a great way to focus on our physical and psychological selves, so incorporating this into our regimens is critical.

4. Stay in touch

Staying connected with family and friends, whether out for a walk, a soon to be picnic (for those fully vaccinated) or via video/phone, also helps reduce the sense of isolation.

5. Avoid bad habits

Not relying on alcohol or other drugs is essential, because these add rather than take away problems in the long term.


Self-compassion is vital, trying not to be too hard on ourselves given the

If you’re trying to put all these strategies into place and still feel impacted by feelings of stress, anxiety and depression, help is available. This means talking with mental health professionals such as psychologists, who can help get you back on track. 

Ultimately, it’s important to remember that living in lockdown isn’t going to last forever. Think ahead to how you want to emerge from it – from new ‘normal’ to newer ‘normal’!

Your Feedback

You’ve had your say…

Our patients recently filled in a comprehensive feedback form. Thank you for your cooperation. We have listened and as a result of your feedback have implemented the following changes.


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