Do you accept new patients?

Yes, all new patients are welcome.

If I don’t have Medicare can I still see a doctor?

Yes, however you will need to settle the consult privately.

Why is there a fee for my appointment?

At Rozelle Medical Centre we provide a high quality medical service that is not fully covered by Medicare. Patients with a Centrelink Concession Card or who are under 16 years of age will be bulk billed for a pre-booked appointment during the week. Our fees are in line with the recommendations of the Australian Medical Association.

Do I need to make an appointment?

We accept walk-in and booked appointments. We recommend booking at your preferred time as we cannot guarantee wait times for patients who come in without an appointment. Our doctors aim to see all patients in a timely manner. Please use our online appointment booking platform, or call our practice to make a telephone appointment with one of our GP’s.

Do I need a long consult?

Our appointments are booked in a standard slot of 15 minutes which usually allows discussion of one matter. Long consultations can be booked upon the doctor’s recommendation, or if you have a number of matters to discuss. Please advise our receptionists if you would like an extended appointment.

Can I have a phone consult?

Phone consultations are offered by our practice. if you have not attended a face to face appointment within the last 12 months, you will not be eligible for a Medicare, unless quarantined as per government guidelines.  Before booking a phone consult. Please consider if appropriate, as a fee may still apply. Please call our practice in unsure.l. We recommend booking an appointment to discuss any health issues with your GP via our online platform

How do I get my test results?

Test results will not be given be given over the phone. Our doctors request that  you attend the centre for your results. Phone appointments or video appointments are also available for this appointment type

Do you send out appointment reminders?

Yes we do. Our system will automatically send a reminder sms 24 hours before your appointment.

For allied health appointments, we will send a reminder 2 days before your appointment.

What is your cancellation policy?

We require 1 hours’ notice to cancel GP appointments and 48hours notice for allied health appointments, failure to do so will result in a non-attendance fee of 50%.

Why do I need to see the nurse?

The nurse assists the doctor to ensure you receive the highest standard of care. The nurse may assist in procedures and take some observations before your consult so the doctor has a more complete picture of your health.

Why is my doctor running late?

Our doctors and receptionists are not able to pre-empt how long an appointment will take.  Seemingly simple problems may need further exploration and discussion. Our doctors are thorough and will not ask a patient to leave until they are confident the highest standard of care has been given. This may cause a delay. Occasionally an unforeseen emergency patient may require medical attention and need to be fitted in. We ask for your understanding in these incidences.

Can I get my medical certificate/referral changed or backdated?

If you would like your medical certificate extended, you will need to return to your GP for an appointment so they can evaluate your condition.

We are not able to backdate medical certificates past the day you saw the doctor for the condition.

Can I get my records transferred to/from your practice?

Yes, if you would like your records sent to us please ask reception for a ‘transfer of record form’ which we will send to your previous practice.

If you would like your records sent elsewhere, please send us your signed consent form and new practice details. Your new practice will have a template for you to fill in.

Do you have parking on site?

There is street parking and council parking available in Rozelle. The nearest council parking lot is accessible via National Street.

Do I need an appointment with Pathology?

If you have a pathology request form from your doctor, you do not need to make an appointment. Our pathology services are offered on an as-you-arrive basis. However, if you require a glucose tolerance test (GTT or OGTT) please contact reception to book in.

Do I need to fast for my blood tests?

Your doctor will give you instructions for your blood test during your consult. If you are unsure, please contact reception and we can transfer you to our pathology collector.

Do you have X-ray facilitates?

We do not have imaging on site; the nearest facility is Alfred Imaging in Drummoyne.